The Nightmares At The Krusty Krab v0.7 Update

Big update has arrived tonight. Here are some changes

Zombies have been replaced with slashers. (The Hash Slinging Slasher)

Music changes

Visual Enhancements

Fixed Squidward from blocking your shot when carrying him

Many bug fixes and edits to polish the game in general

Much more small things.

I just wanted to say Rest In Peace Stephan Hillenburg. He was probably one of the greatest people in cartoon history and his legacy will live on. I added something for him on the main menu,

Also thanks for all the support lately. Big youtubers have been playing the game. However, not all of them have put the link in the description to this page. If you would like to make a video on my game. Feel Free to, it would just be nice for your viewers to be able to find this game if they would like to try it out. 


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51 days ago

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