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Welcome to the night shift. One night, Mr. Krabs left you, and Squidward to work until morning. After falling asleep on the job, you find that your co-worker Squidward is dead.  Realizing that the apocalypse just happened in Bikini Bottom while you were asleep. In agony and fear, you find a pistol in Mr. Krab's safe to defend yourself.  The Hash Slinging Slashers are entering the Krusty Krab. You must find a way out. PS. There's multiple endings.


The gameplay is relatively simple. You are walking/running around the Krusty Krab avoiding or killing the slashers. You start with a pistol and no money.  The slashers will get harder as time goes on. This calls for a better arsenal. Kill slashers and buy weapons, ammo, and powerups on the walls of the krusty krab. Mr. Krabs needs to make money, so your going to have to pay for those guns. If you have played games like "Call Of Duty Zombies,", you will feel home.

  • Disclaimer

This game contains some violent imagery. There are also bright flashing lights so if you have epilepsy, I'd suggest not playing this game.  This game isnt ESRB rated, but There is minor blood, scene of dead body, drug reffences, and some mild language used. Player discretion is advised. This game is also in early alpha, I plan on working on it more. Adding more story, gameplay, and other elements. Id love some suggestions


I do not own, nor did I made, some assets, models, sounds, ideas, that are in this game. I do not work for Viacom. I am not monetizing this game in any way.  This entire game is a parody that I made for fun. This game is a parody, and fair use. I dont intend on making any money from this parody game. 



  • W -  Forward
  • A-  Left
  • S- Back
  • D - Right
  • Mouse Movement - Look
  • Left Click - Shoot
  • Right Click - Focus
  • 1 - Weapon Slot 1
  • 2 - Weapon Slot 2
  • LSHIFT - Run
  • F - Buy

(No there isn't jumping.)


  • Left Stick - Player Movement
  • Right Stick - Look Movement
  • Right Trigger - Shoot
  • Left Trigger - Hold Fire
  • Left Bumper - Weapon Slot 1
  • Right Bumper - Weapon Slot 2
  • A- Run (No Toggle)
  • B- Focus
  • X- Reload
  • Y- Buy From Shop

Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg


Install instructions

Install by simply downloading the zip file, extract the file somewhere, open the file, open the . exe file.


The Nightmares At The Krusty Krab v0.8.zip 88 MB

Development log


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Just started working on another ending. You may have to wait a while to see because it will take me a long time to do but it will probably be the best ending so far. There is no date for it coming out but it wont be super soon.

i can t wait to see the new ending im so excited :)

I havent played the game yet myself but I will. Especially after watching Sodapoppin play it on Twitch. That was a great Sweet Victory tribute you put in


a christmas update? that would be amazing

a new ending would be very cool too

i want to see more updates in that game it s realy cool :)

Ill try to put something out around Christmas which isn’t too far away.


I can't wait to see more work done to this game! 

I question my own sanity as I play this game... wondering... when is the end!?


Streamed this game over on twitch it was pretty fun/funny I really enjoyed the endings the first one I got I thought was part of the game and it wasn't over lol. I put it in my stream highlights. I'll probably stream it again sometime and try to get the other ending i'm thinking i may have missed one 


Overall the game is amazing i liked it

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i wish my game got this popular... #notpromotingmyself #dontbanme

And RIP Hillenburg


RIP Stephan Hillenburg     [']  [']  [']


Rest In Peace Stephan Hillenburg, Creator of SpongeBob..... :(

RIP Stephan Hillenburg

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video

Thanks for playing! Funny Video!

No Problemmm

Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg. May his legacy and contribution to spongebob live on. 

Fun little game!

My channel (Link opens in new tab): youtube.com/jonathick

Thanks for playing. Great video! 

A FUNKY GAME! | The Nightmares At The Krusty Krab

i love this game! zombies mixed with some humour = perfect! :D absolutely amazing job on making this game! :) 

Great vid. Thanks for playing

Had great fun with this game, made me laugh and was quite challenging, thanks!

Awesome Vid. Thanks for playing.


I really enjoyed this game especialy the endings! Not bad keep up the great work!

Awesome Vid. Great suggestions that you pointed out. Ill defiantly fix some things, and take your suggestions into consideration. Thanks.

Thanks for watching! I apprciate you considering my suggestions. Thanks. You made a super funny and fun game!


Cool game. I like the multiple, VERY strange, endings. The shooting is a little strange, but i like the nazi zombie idea.

Amazing. Thanks so much for playing! You were very good at the game. Congrats on getting all the endings.


Here's my video of this game on YouTube ^_^

Thaks for trying it out! Sorry it was difficult for you. In the future ill try to add a patch where you can select your difficulty and that should cater to users who arnt as experienced with FPS games. Thanks for trying it out.


I enjoyed your game. I kept dying so I played as much as I could 

Awesome. Ill try to optimize the game a bit more as it seemed to be a bit laggy. Ill also try to implement some controlelr support. Thanks for playing im glad you enjoyed!

That would be awesome since I do better with a controller. You're welcome :)

Update: I just added controller support in v0.3

Thanks I'm going to try it again 


I enjoyed it haha. I found the escape ending so that was cool!


Thanks so much for playing. Love the vid!