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Hey dude, love the game. Played it on Xbox the other day, beat it (got all 3 ending (there any more?) and was streaming it and my friends and I were laughing our asses off (Xbox).

Just got the update for the console version yesterday, played today, and noticed that you can now shoot when you pick up Squidward's dead body (hilarious by the way, haha!)

Anywhere I can find the patch notes?

My gamertag is "Faulk Smash", I'd love to speak to you some time!

Are you supposed to get the secret ending on console?

Kind Of. Originally I removed that ending, prevously known as the illusion ending for both PC and console. I then re enabled it on console without a prompt so its sort of back but more of an easter egg. 

oh ok

Deleted post

Right Now, my game is #1 on "Top Free Games", on the Xbox creators collection.

i finally got the new ending it was hard to get but it was amazing i hope there will be more endings like that.

Thanks. Are you talking about the nuke ending? It should be the same difficulty as the ending it replaced, the illusion ending which wasn’t too difficult, for some at least. I’ll try to make one more ending before 1.0. 

yes that was nuke ending and it was a bit harder than the old one i needed to kill 70 slashers to get there and i even test it 2 times after killing 70 slashers it open.

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Gave it a go...

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Update: Im trying to get my game on xbox. Its been tested and im going to see if I can put it on the windows store for both PC and Xbox. However, those are 2 completely different builds of the game in their own version, sepatate from this one. If I get my game onto consoles, it will be updated much less frequently than here. Im going to put all future updates on the itch page only.  This website will likely contain the most recent version of my game at all times. Ill keep you updated on the console port. it has yet to be certified by microsoft so we will see.

Hilarious game! It was an honor to play it!

nice video! Thanks for playing

Im currently testing the game out for xbox one. A port is a possibility. Ill keep you updated.

Thanks For 3000 downloads


sorry for screaming but I had fun playing it and recording it !

way to go developer !

As it will be said...I loved the little "Oh Yeah Mr. Krabs" sound you added. Fucking thing actually scared me while I was playing the game. I definitely loved it, even had that black ops zombies 1 feel which I do enjoy! I do wished you added one thing. Like a hash slinging slasher kill counter! 

Great video. I’m glad you got some of the references. I’ll try to add a kill counter of some sort in the future. Thanks for playing

Update: I just implemented a kill counter in the engine. Ill put it out in the next update 100%. Thanks for the suggestion.

very very funny and good game good job ( extra props for the graphics troll)

Thanks. What do you mean, graphics troll?

well when i first started the game i chose simple graphics because i dont have a monster pc but then i went to the max settings and it looked exactly the same so i thought it was a troll lol

That’s more a bug than a troll. Thanks for letting me know. If it’s running slowly, try lowering the resolution 


Hey, I made a video playing your game. It was a lot of fun! 

Great vid. Pretty funny. Thanks for playing

Wow! I just went on youtube and looked and trending for gaming, and I saw a vid of my game at #4 On Trending! Never would have thought this game would get sorta big. Thanks for almost 3000 downloads also. Ill make sure to keep updating since it seems that people are still interested in my game. Thanks for the support!

Vid Link Here: 

Fun little game!

My channel(opens in new tab):

Great Video! Thanks for coming back to the game. Glad you enjoyed the new ending!

i have a qestion: is there onlly 1 new ending in this update or theres more?

There is one new one but it’s huge and actually has gameplay to it unlike others.

oh thats cool and i have one more question: is there gonna be more endings in the future?

Probably, but not for a while, at least a new one, might update old ones. Just finished this one so I’ll probably focus more on gameplay improvements now. Have you gotten the new ending?

yes i got the new ending it was pretty hard but i got it, i  needed to try two times to get it and i think i found a easter egg too it was a TV sitting on the ground and screaming at me.

Can't wait to play this game again after it's updated :)

Just updated seconds ago! Theres much more now including new endings and a boss fight. Also, you were playing a much older version of the game. Not sure if that was something on my part, or this video was recorded much earlier.

Also, the squidward model isnt just modeled face down in the newer versions, there is a falling animation.

CAn we just talk about how squidward got bodied

In the newer versions, its shown that he was stabbed by a slasher. Thanks for playing. 

Just started working on another ending. You may have to wait a while to see because it will take me a long time to do but it will probably be the best ending so far. There is no date for it coming out but it wont be super soon.


i can t wait to see the new ending im so excited :)

I havent played the game yet myself but I will. Especially after watching Sodapoppin play it on Twitch. That was a great Sweet Victory tribute you put in


a christmas update? that would be amazing

a new ending would be very cool too

i want to see more updates in that game it s realy cool :)

Ill try to put something out around Christmas which isn’t too far away.


I can't wait to see more work done to this game! 

It just updated and added a lot more

I question my own sanity as I play this game... wondering... when is the end!?


Streamed this game over on twitch it was pretty fun/funny I really enjoyed the endings the first one I got I thought was part of the game and it wasn't over lol. I put it in my stream highlights. I'll probably stream it again sometime and try to get the other ending i'm thinking i may have missed one 


Overall the game is amazing i liked it

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i wish my game got this popular... #notpromotingmyself #dontbanme

And RIP Hillenburg


RIP Stephan Hillenburg     [']  [']  [']


Rest In Peace Stephan Hillenburg, Creator of SpongeBob..... :(

RIP Stephan Hillenburg

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video


Thanks for playing! Funny Video!

No Problemmm

Rest In Peace Stephen Hillenburg. May his legacy and contribution to spongebob live on. 

Fun little game!

My channel (Link opens in new tab):

Thanks for playing. Great video! 

A FUNKY GAME! | The Nightmares At The Krusty Krab

i love this game! zombies mixed with some humour = perfect! :D absolutely amazing job on making this game! :) 

Great vid. Thanks for playing

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